More about our Custom Saddle Pads

Posted by on 10/21/2016
Questions & Answers

We have gotten numerous questions involving the beautiful #outsidewhatbox lace we apply to our products. 
The Rowdy Rose is at your service in hopes to answer some of those questions and concerns you had 
regarding the lace!  Although, we will be answering those questions to the best of our ability we cannot 
reveal our trade secrets and will have to #keepinumguessin!

How did you develop the idea to use lace?
-When I first started The Rowdy Rose custom hats were my focus but being a creative person I was 
always toying around with different materials and ideas. One thing lead to another and I put lace on 
my own personal saddle pad the feedback I got was amazing and I started taking custom orders for 
Saddle pads which lead into tack and so much more!